Responsible consumption

At CANNALABIS, we are aware of abusive and excessive consumption, although it does not present any dangers of overdose or overdose, as it is impossible, as reported in our article on the differences between CBD and THC .
However, it would be unwise not to provide some advice here.

Never replace your regular diet with CBD

CBD should always be considered as a dietary supplement that completes your diet and not a substitute for it.

Always consult a doctor before taking CBD

Taking CBD should always be monitored by a qualified healthcare professional to recommend the right doses.

Be careful when giving CBD to your pet

The application of CBD to your pet's diet should always be monitored by a qualified veterinary professional, so that the right doses can be recommended for your pet.

CBD is at your own risk

Despite all the advice and information contained on this website, bear in mind that possession is still illegal in Portugal for certain quantities. We are not responsible for any legal and legal disputes. Use your common sense when purchasing products at CANNALABIS.