Is CBD Legal

The legality of cannabis has been a hot topic, discussed and debated over the last few decades, with public opinions divided and mostly with a negative connotation, generally associated with criminal activity that derives from illegal drug trafficking across the planet.

Since the mid-19th century, the Cannabis Sativa plant has been scientifically studied, as well as its effects on the body. However, as new scientific evidence on therapeutic applications is discovered, its medicinal and industrial use, and the growing number of fans and supporters have been increasing exponentially, opening the mind in acceptance and becoming aware of the benefits that cannabis brings. for people's lives and its 1001 applications in the industrial, therapeutic, medicinal and recreational areas.

By understanding the benefits of CBD and THC and their harms, many governments have already taken the lead in changing their laws on possession, consumption, tolerance and decriminalization, as well as allowing for medicinal use.

Recently, for example, for recreational use, Uruguay (2013), Canada (2018) and the United States of America (only some federal states) already allow consumption and commercialization for recreational purposes.


In Portugal, hemp plantation has always been prominent over the centuries, from the Age of Discoveries to the present, mainly in the production of fibers for the textile industry. Our country has the ideal conditions for cultivation and growth of the plant, which have even sparked recent foreign interest in investing in production, as this news in the Público newspaper attests.
In the medicinal area, it was only in January 2019 that the Portuguese Government officially established a legal framework for the preparation, use and commercialization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, enshrined in Decree-Law No. 8/2019, which opened several doors for various treatments. and medicines that the plant offers, in addition to foreign investment in production.
As for recreational use, it is not permitted in Portugal, despite some recent partisan efforts to legalize the recreational use of Cannabis. However, since 2001, acquisition, possession and consumption has been decriminalized, through Law No. 30/2000, allowing possession of up to 10 daily doses. The limits were defined in Ordinance nº 94/96, establishing the following:

Average daily dose based on variation in existing average THC content

• In leaves and flowering or fruiting areas

    • 2.5g - At an average concentration of 2% (delta)9THC;

• In resin

    • 0.5g - At an average concentration of 10% (delta)9THC;

• In oil

    • 0.25g - At an average concentration of 20% (delta)9THC.

Having clarified the statutes of production, possession, consumption and commercialization, we move on to the most pertinent question of this article:

IS CBD LEGAL IN PORTUGAL? long as the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in the product is less than 0.2%. According to statements made by the Ministry of Agriculture in June 2018 to Visão magazine, in order to clarify the doubts raised, commercialization and consumption are permitted and may have beneficial effects on health.

So don't worry. All products sold at CANNALABIS are 100% legal!